Get to Know Your PECO Team

Scott Aronson, President/Co-Owner

Scott Aronson has spent his 30-year career as a business leader and champion of high-performance teams in industries and sectors ranging from healthcare, technology and manufacturing to professional business consulting and nonprofit management.

He assumed responsibility for overseeing PECO’s business in 2018 after the passing of his uncle, PECO founder Arthur LeMay, and later became President in January 2021.

Scott has spent his career leading high-growth companies in the healthcare compliance and emergency management arenas. From 2002 to 2017, he served as President and co-owner of Russell Phillips & Associates (RPA) before merging the company into Jensen Hughes, the global leader in safety, security and risk-based engineering and consulting. In his capacity as Senior Vice President for Security Risk + Emergency Management, Scott oversaw the expansion of several business units dedicated to critical areas such as Security Risk Consulting, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Life Safety Code® (NFPA 101®) healthcare compliance work and the emergency management team. Throughout that time, Scott was engaged in preparing customers for response to emergency situations and preparing their buildings for all-hazards response through renovation, construction and disaster mitigation strategies.

Scott is the Vice Chair of the Board for the West Hartford/Bloomfield Health District in Connecticut, a co-founder of Jen’s Friends Cancer Foundation, and a member of the Security Committee for the Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford.

Nancy Jaccoi, Director of Finance/Administration

Nancy has been an integral part of the PECO operations since 1990. In her earliest years, she was deeply involved with inventory control, data entry, and customer service. By the middle 1990s, she was indispensable to Arthur LeMay, serving as his “right-hand person,” with former General Manager John Fisher serving as his “left-hand.” In 1999, Nancy’s role expanded to having increased relationships with suppliers and representatives, while also taking over the finance department.

When Arthur LeMay passed away in 2018, Nancy served as the central day-to-day leader working with the LeMay family to ensure the business’s continuity, stability and agility during challenging times. She also worked hand-in-hand with the family to initiate a revival of PECO and a marketing relaunch of the company in 2022. Nancy helped to prioritize areas for investment in the infrastructure so that the business was positioned well as we brought in other key players to support the short- and long-term growth.

Patrick Romano, Vice President of Sales

Pat joined PECO in 2021 as the Vice President of Sales. He has been a business development leader for the past 35 years with extensive corporate and entrepreneurial experience in sales, marketing and human resources. For the past 26 years, Pat has worked in the electrical fittings and fasteners industry where he has managed everything from selecting, training and managing sales personnel and representatives to developing strategic planning for marketing and sales initiatives. Before joining PECO, Pat spent six years as a sales leader at Mulberry Metal Products.

Pat brings a unique expertise to PECO by being able to look at the overall business from multiple angles. His entry into the business world was in the role of a buyer and logistics manager, where he gained key insights into how to ensure a robust inventory to support customers. He also earned tremendous experience as a business owner working with companies in the electrical fittings and accessories business to strategically grow their businesses. These experiences, along with his direct sales and sales leadership roles put Pat in a strong position to grow PECO and support our key representatives and distributors across the United States.

Bill MacLeod, Vice President of Sales

Bill has been a member of the PECO executive team since 2001, leading our sales operations as the Vice President of Sales.

He brought seasoned leadership to PECO having managed his own sales agency and worked for many organizations in the electrical fittings sector – from small manufacturers and distributors to a large, global enterprise.

Much of Bill’s time at PECO has been dedicated to expanding our specialty product business. As he joined the company, we were just starting in-house manufacturing of our cable supports. Bill took that business and helped make PECO one of the only two manufacturers in the nation with UL listings for the full cable support body and wedge assembly. He worked with our key sales agents and distributors to bring in a new generation of strategic customers and major projects (such as New York City’s Freedom Tower and World Trade Center Plaza). Bill also led the growth of our explosion-proof line for hazardous locations, including the flexible couplings which we manufacture in-house. Bill’s leadership and counsel to the President of PECO has driven the evolution of the business and been instrumental for areas of investment in various product lines.

Ryan Vass, Director of Operations

Ryan joined the PECO team in early 2021 after 23 years in the electrical conduit fittings and accessories business. He brings to our operations a leadership perspective deeply informed by his experience in all facets of our business – from distribution and supply chain excellence to manufacturing process improvement, quality controls and team development.

When Ryan joined PECO at the apex of the supply chain challenges triggered by the global pandemic, he immediately instituted an approach to improve the purchasing process PECO had used for decades and refined our inventory strategy to position PECO well during the global crisis and its aftermath.

Ryan is a demonstrated leader in developing and implementing new systems, enhancing processes and restructuring elements of the business to establish cost-effective operations and substantial savings. As a hands-on leader, he can be in an executive meeting at one moment and on the forklift an hour later, helping the warehouse team load a large customer shipment. Ryan also brings a disciplined approach and work ethic from his first job in office management and his service in the United States Air Force from 1994 to 1998. He prides himself in streamlining operations at PECO and ensuring the safety of our staff at all times.

Arthur leMay-
Arthur leMay-

1991 New York City Marathon

Arthur LeMay Remembered (1926 - 2018)
President and Direct Member of the Founding Family

As a member of PECO’s founding family and PECO’s leader beginning immediately after WWII, Arthur LeMay has given more to our current success than any single individual over the past 80+ years. Even in the years since his passing, his passion for product quality and service, generosity with people, and both personal and professional dedication to everyone around him - from the manufacturing team to his community and family - continue to help define our vibrant and collaborative work culture at PECO.

"Art" began his work at "The Shop" (the family’s informal name for the business), located at 932 Rogers Place in the Bronx, as the Shipping Clerk with his mother and father, Louis and Minerva Levine, running the business.

When WWII arrived, he enlisted in the U.S. Army’s Specialized Training Reserve Program. He was sent to NYU School of Engineering before serving on active duty from 1944 to 1946 as a Browning Automatic Rifleman (BAR) in key regional theaters, including the Philippines. Arthur distinguished himself in Advanced Infantry Training and was awarded the Expert Infantryman’s Badge.

After his return to the United States, Art led PECO through the celebrations and crises of this American, family-owned business from 1946 to 2018. Customers today still remember him as "firmly at the helm" until the very last years of his life. He built strong personal relationships with our suppliers, agents and customers over the years and those same relationships carry over to his family today. His family will always fondly remember his relationship with his first Sales Agent in Louisiana (the Levin family), his special relationship with the Freije family in Puerto Rico, and how he embraced and supported our major international partners with unwavering loyalty (the Budhia Family of PATTON in India).

Art served as a model to everyone around him by challenging himself throughout his lifetime. He completed a lifelong goal by returning to college and graduating with a Bachelor of Science from Columbia University at the age of 67. As an avid runner, he also completed 24 New York City Marathons up until he turned 77 years old.

Every time the PECO team completes a successful quality-control review, delivers to a customer faster than they expected due to our manufacturing process or large inventory, or contributes to another landmark high-rise building across our nation, many of us here remember "Mr. LeMay." We know that we are advancing his legacy and transforming the best of his life's work into products, projects and services vital to America's economy, culture and communities in the 21st  century.